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I love to write, nearly as much as I enjoy breathing, but writing about me seems dull and uninteresting. Writing fiction, especially scary stuff, has proven to be quite the opposite. If I must, however, some of the things, besides my writing, which you might find interesting, are as follows:

I investigate the paranormal with a TAPS family group, often working in the capacity of case manager and/or lead investigator. We help families and individuals plagued by things not readily explained. It's rewarding. You can learn more about that on our Facebook group.

I am a volleyball enthusiast, which means I play up to two nights a week at a fairly competitive level. I'm not a huge hitter, although I hold my own, but rather a well-rounded player who can dig, cover, set, and spike with equal enthusiasm. I'm fast and it helps.

My tagline states: "Supernatural Horror Carved With A Spiritual Blade." People have asked me what this means. This means I write, mostly, about dark supernatural entities. But not always. Sometimes these entities exist in a Judeo-Christian perspective, other times not. Very rarely does my writing reflect my own personal beliefs, which are my business. Although I respect your beliefs, I'm not concerned about them, and I expect you not to be concerned about mine. That's just my preference, thanks.

So, that's a little about me. Feel free to e-mail and introduce yourself. All correspondence is welcome.




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