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I love to write, nearly as much as I enjoy breathing, but writing about me seems dull and uninteresting. Writing fiction, especially scary stuff, has proven to be quite the opposite. If I must, however, some of the things, besides my writing, which you might find interesting, are as follows:

I investigate the paranormal with a TAPS family group, often working in the capacity of case manager. We help families and individuals plagued by things not readily explained. Itís rewarding. You can learn more about that here: www.minnesotaghosts.com.

I am a volleyball enthusiast, which means I play two nights a week at a fairly competitive level. Iím not a huge hitter, although I hold my own, but rather a well-rounded player who can dig, cover, set, and spike with equal enthusiasm. Iím fast and it helps.

I enjoy hunting things I like to eat. But I donít enjoy taking the life of an animal I donít like to eat, no matter how annoying the animal may be. If I kill it, I eat itóperiod. I also enjoy shooting guns at targets. I understand not everyone enjoys these activities, and thatís okay. To each their own, I say.

My tagline states: ďSupernatural Horror Carved With A Spiritual Blade.Ē People have asked me what this means. This means I write, mostly, about dark supernatural entities. Sometimes these entities exist in a Judeo-Christian perspective, other times not. Very rarely does my writing reflect my own personal beliefs, which are my business. Although I respect your beliefs, Iím not concerned about them, and I expect you not to be concerned about mine. Thatís just my preference, thanks.

If youíre interested in my politics, Iíll leave you with this: I love my wife and family, my fans, and most all reasonable people. I dislike unreasonable people. Iím a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal. Basically, if you can support your own lifestyle for the most part and arenít hurting anyone else, then knock yourself out. Some will appreciate this point of view, some may not. But I will end this by saying thereís no room in my life for mean people. The world is a diverse place, and thatís what makes the human race great. In other words, donít be a jerk, and weíll get along just fine. I might even buy you a beer at a conference, or let you buy me one, who knows?

So, thatís a little about me. Feel free to e-mail and introduce yourself. All correspondence is welcome.




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