The Gullies (2016)


Tracey, Jason, and the kids are back in the third book in the BRUISED series. For this case, they travel to the pine-shrouded northwoods of Minnesota for what they think will be a routine funeral. But in The Gullies, dead things live on while alive things die.

When Tracey’s cousin is found dead, apparently by his own hand, she and the family head to The Gullies to mourn and help out. But when they arrive, a rash of ritualistic murders break out, people found skinned and mutilated, and Tracey soon learns that her cousin’s death may not be what it seems.

Then, when Janey is abducted, Tracey fears the cult behind the attacks will try to exploit her clairvoyance for evil. With the help of detective Clausen, Tracey must rescue Janey and put an end to the brutal murders before the cult weaves their most dangerous ritual, and she loses yet another family member to the beast of THE northwoods GULLIES.

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Wednesday's Child (2015)


In the second book in the Bruised series, Tracey Peralta and Jason Hylden are back, ten years older and wiser. Well, older anyway.

Still living within the clutches of the blood oath from her youth, Tracey now helps the cops investigate strange homicides—those involving the supernatural. So, when a psychology student, who calls herself Wednesday, spouts gibberish about a devil in the church stealing her unborn baby, Tracey knows her brand of help might be needed. The next day, the student is found butchered inside a pentagram, insides missing, and Tracey must determine if the murder is garden-variety or if the town’s demonic forces have returned.

When a second psychology student, who calls herself Thursday, disappears and is feared dead, Tracey calls on the only person left alive who shares her traumatic past. Soon, Tracey and Jason become collateral targets of a flesh-and-blood killer with an aptitude for making deals with the dead. Now they have to solve the ritualistic murders or Tracey and Jason might just become the next sacrifice.

Praise for the Bruised series

"At the heart of this compelling coming-of-age tale is a love story for the ages. But don’t worry…BRUISED will also scare the hell out of you." -- Brendan Deneen, bestselling author of THE NINTH CIRCLE and FLASH GORDON: THE MERCY WARS


"BRUISED is a fast-paced, shiver-inducing tale. Holley has artfully crafted a story of terror with an undercurrent of romance." --Amity Hope, Best-selling author of TWISTED

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Bruised (2015)


Jason Hylden thinks life is perfect, but at age eighteen things are about to change.

First he falls for Jewel, a pretty redhead with arms marred by mysterious bruises. Then the gang of friends he runs with begins to experiment with witchcraft, blood oaths and revenge.

Soon, Jewel is the only good thing standing between Jason and the gang, but when he finds out she’s one of his mother’s mental health clients, he worries doctor-patient confidentiality will forever mask the truth behind Jewel’s bruises. Is someone out to destroy her, or is she destroying herself? In the end, the truth behind her secrets is beyond his worst imaginings and, as their two worlds draw closer to collision, all hell—quite literally—is about to break loose.

"BRUISED is a fast-paced, shiver-inducing tale. Holley has artfully crafted a story of terror with an undercurrent of romance."
         ~Amity Hope, Best-selling author of TWISTED

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Completed Manuscripts


Burn (2014)











Destination Darkness (2013)




Wednesday's Child (2012)




Red Strain (2011)




Inhuman (2010)


The past teaches many lessons, rarely easy, never swift—but sometimes, it just comes back to haunt.


Isolated from her friends, eighteen-year-old Sadie is broody and restless—an easy target. She begins to witness unexplainable events, like something unseen is pulling the strings. First come the nightmares and disturbing visions, doors closing and items moving on their own, and then disembodied voices. When Sadie’s behavior degrades to sleepwalking, a violent attack on her boyfriend and acts of sexual depravity, the family begins to wonder if the activity is paranormal or if she is showing symptoms of mental illness. Out of desperation, they turn to a parade of clergy, psychics, therapists, and a paranormal investigation team for help. What they don’t know: the past has come home—and found a new host.


Jewel (2009)


Watching his own children play at the park, Jason Hylden remembers back to a dark time in his life when events took place so disturbing, he has never brought them up to anybody. He decides then and there to tell a story—Jewel’s story.


Within the confines of a small impoverished town’s oak groves and rural setting, a sinister urban climate spreads like a disease. Once innocuous, the gang that Jason runs with now escalates into violence, lustful obsession, and drugs—its leader, Harvey, slipping off the edge into madness. Jason, oblivious to it all, meets Jewel Wylander. Jewel, sullen and withdrawn, doesn’t have many friends, but worst of all, she is showing up with bruises and cuts on her arms. Jewel has a secret, a dark secret. When Jason discovers that his own mother is Jewel’s therapist, he begins to suspect that confidentiality and self-disclosure, supposed client privileges, may actually be masking the truth. Despite her afflictions and the gang’s vehement opposition to their budding relationship, Jason falls in love, soon finding himself the last person standing between Jewel and someone, or something, hell-bent on her destruction. 



Spirit Asylum or alternate title Vessel of the Diablo Si


During the dead cold of the winter of 1958, in a rural Minnesota town, the last patient of a rapidly deteriorating tuberculosis asylum knows it’s the end, the end of a life cut short.  Clara Berg, in her last flickering moments, quickly manages to scrawl a faint picture of a vision she witnesses with her final breath.  Is the message the ravings of a dying woman or her last coherent thought in this world?  Fifty-two years later, the world is about to find out.


The year is 2010 and the Clayborn’s have just finished remodeling a portion of the old asylum into their dream home, when they are catapulted into a nightmare.  After awakening in the middle of the night with a Vodoun symbol scratched into her belly, Mrs. Clayborn decides to go against her husband’s wishes and calls in a priest to perform an exorcism.  When the priest is found murdered, the Vatican sends in their own team to the desecrated home.  Only it’s not the home that has caused the desecration—it’s what hides in the unfinished bowels.  The very survival of everyone involved will depend on the wits and expertise of the Vatican’s Eli Ross and a highly deductive sleuth from Boston, Racine Brennon.  Together, with a highly flammable supporting cast, Eli and Racine battle against an unfathomable evil.  While avoiding their own demise, they must collect clues inside the old asylum and solve a horrific mystery before there is no one left to save.


Broken Mirror


Eli Ross, an unemployed counselor, expected the internet dating scene to be a bit of an adventure, but he gets more than he bargained for when he meets the spiritually sensitive Dana Sullivan.


Dana sees things in her mirror—scary things. And Eli, still heartbroken from a previous relationship, isn’t sure if he should take her seriously or have her committed. Before he can decide, he and Dana are hurled into the vortex of a spiritual storm. A rogue USC scientist, under the guise of paranormal research, has harnessed a power, which even he doesn’t completely understand—a power with its infancy in an old conspiracy theory come real. In order to set his diabolical plan into motion and open the floodgates between hell and earth, he needs Dana and her special abilities. After Dana is kidnapped, Eli, and a friend of his, an old Vatican exorcist, must stop the madman before the world is flooded with a host of demons and Dana is lost to the spiritual realm forever. The only problem: Eli must overcome his personal demons before he can take a stand.


No Innocent Victim (coming soon!)


Grimpen Kane, severely abused as a child, is many things: an abuser, a genius, and a serial killer who pledges his allegiance to the highest bidder.  His current employer is offering more than money for payment and they don’t even know it.  They want to bring the world to its knees and broker the deal for a one world religion, but Grimpen Kane has other plans altogether.  Has the desire for absolute power driven him to the brink of insanity or is Hell waiting on Grimpen Kane?


One by one, the third ranking official in each of the world’s four major religions are being, not only cruelly murdered, but tortured to the point of martyrdom by an indiscriminate killer.  As each murder is discovered, evidence points straight to the heart of an already delicate balance in the world’s religious structure.  In the political aftermath of these heinous murders, the world’s superpowers blame each other and are thrust towards the brink of all out Armageddon.  Out of the chaos, one demented man plans to achieve the unthinkable.  Bravely, only Eli Ross and his team of Vatican warriors stand between Hell’s monster and a world that is holding its breath – hoping to wake in the morning.  One way or the other, the world will find the truth - that on earth, there is no innocent victim.



And next In My Creative Queue:


Zealot (the novel)


The Gullys


Random Act of Violence


When Darkness Walks


America Rising




The Corpse Light Chronicles

Short Stories

The Corpse Light Chronicles are a collection of short stories that I am working on whenever I need a short hiatus from the rigors of novel development.  They may or may not leave you the reader with any sense of closure, but they should serve to raise the goose bumps or, at the very least, give you something to ponder.  My hope is to someday publish all the stories in one volume.

Green Kool-aid


Dark Forest (Published in the February 2009 issue of Writers Together Magazine)


Unlit Corners






The Dregs  (Has just been optioned for script work--exciting details to come!)
(And published in the October 2008 issue of
Trei Literary Magazine)


It Cries (Published in the September 2008 issue of Trei Literary Magazine)


Vessel of the Diablo Si (Read it in Atrum Tempestas - link coming soon)


The Note


Zealot (Published in the November 2008 issue of SNM Horror Magazine, and featured as a reprint in the anthology: Satan's Wicked Refugees)


You Kill It, You Eat It


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Necromancer (Has just been optioned for script work--exciting details to come!)


Ghost Drum


The Rendering of Shloshlo


Fear Cage (Read within the pages of The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writer's zombie anthology, entitled Zombie Chronicles)


What We've Allowed Them to Become (Published in the Spring 2009 issue of The Odd Mind Magazine)


The Remains of Love (Honorable mention in Black Hound Publishing's short story contest)


The Rock (Honorable mention in The Tales of Torment short story contest and published in the the 2009 summer issue of Tales from the Moonlit Path magazine)




Van Draven's Tick (Exciting anthology news coming soon!)






Black Crows (Available as part of the anthology Eerie Tales v. Dreadul Delusions Buy Here)


Jigsaw Jimmy  (Buy Here)


Wildflower (Available as part of the for-charity anthology Amanda's Recurring Nightmare.  Buy Here)




The Boy Who Knew The Ending ( Buy Here)


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